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What do you think about the Nikon S9100 for a beginning photographer?

by Elle

What do you think about the Nikon S9100? I’m a beginner photographer and the digital one is a challenge.


The Nikon S9100 would be a good choice for someone who is just starting out but who wants to have a little more zoom lens than comes on the typical point and shoot camera. With its 18X optical zoom lens the S9100 gives you an amazing focal range in a compact size. The 18X optical zoom of the S9100 gives you a 35mm equivalent focal range of 25mm to 450mm. This is a lot larger focal range than the typical point and shoot camera. Depending on the subjects you will be photographing having the longer telephoto lens this camera would be very helpful. In my opinion when buying a fixed lens camera such as the Nikon S9100 having the widest focal range makes the best sense. Even if you will primarily be taking wide angle photos down in the 25mm to 50mm range, having the ability to really zoom in on a subject if needed just makes sense. One of my primary considerations if I am buying a point and shoot camera or a super zoom camera is to try and get one with the broadest focal range possible. You will rarely wish you had less ability to zoom in on a subject but could quite often find yourself wishing you could zoom in more on a distant subject.

Because it is really in the point and shoot camera category the Nikon would be easy for the beginner to use but with a much better lens than most cameras of this type. With its 12.1 megapixel image sensor the Nikon S9100 is able to capture high quality images yet retain the small size and ease of use that is typical of point and shoot cameras. The camera is rated very well for its image quality. Also for a camera with a smaller sized image sensor it does an acceptable job at the higher end of the ISO scale. With the ability to capture useable images at 3200 ISO the Nikon S9100 offers better low light performance than many cameras of similar size.

Digital photography can be a challenge for the new photographer who might sometimes feel overwhelmed with all the new terms, etc. However it is a fun and exciting hobby and one that you can quickly learn. The best way to become a better photographer is by taking pictures. I think the Nikon S9100 would make a great beginners camera for you. It has a lot of versatility in a small, easy to use camera.


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