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The Things Children Say....Digital Photography Reality

by Kevin and Mary
(Kansas, USA)

We have owned a digital camera for years. It's all we've used since we snapped that last picture on the last roll of film. Alas, we seldom actually print a picture and most of our photos remain lost in the confines of the computer - our digital photography abyss.

We think that you will really enjoy this story - we sure did!

At dinner the other day, we were discussing to whom we would email a photo and our children were part of the conversation.

At one point our 12 year old made a profound announcement filled with great satisfaction to her younger brothers and sisters:

"I can remember when photos came on cards."

It took us a minute and then we were in stitches, realizing that she meant actual printed photographs and that her younger brothers and sisters truly did not know what she was talking about! We still laugh.

Too cute.

Hello from all of us!

Kevin and Mary

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