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Star Trails

by David Moser

star trails 21709495Blue Moon-15 secs

star trails 2170949630 min exposure

Dear Alan

How can I , with long exposures, prevent my night shots from turning up with an orange hue. I've tried different white balance settings. Do I need "image stacker" software and individual shots? Or high ISO settings?

My current old Canon D60 only goes up to 1000 ,but am soon getting one with up to 6400 ISO. When I photograph pics with the moon in for 15 secs and tungsten W.B, I get a wonderful blue (see attached file)but when I try 30 mins I get red.

David Moser


I have not personally used image stacker software so I cannot comment on the effectiveness of that. In looking at your photos the longer exposure seems to have too much ambient light in it which could be causing the orange tint especially if you are relatively close to city lights. Since I suspect part of the problem is excessive ambient light a higher ISO would not work and I would actually recommend trying a lower ISO instead.


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