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Question on Using Manual Mode

by leonie

Can you explain to me why , when I take a photo indoors on auto ... all OK , but when I use manual mode and copy the settings exactly it comes out yellowish as if not enough light is getting in? Shouldn't it look the same?



Without seeing examples of pictures it is hard to say exactly what might be causing the issue you describe but it sounds like a White Balance issue.

When you say you are using the same settings in manual mode I am assuming you are referring to Aperture, Shutter speed and ISO. If all three of these are the same as a picture taken in automatic mode then the exposure of both pictures should be the same. However if your camera is also in a manual white balance mode instead of an automatic white balance mode then it is possible the tone of you image would be different depending on the white balance setting you have selected in the manual mode and the one the camera automatically selects.


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