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Best Photography Websites

Here are reviews of some of the best photography websites and other valuable online photography resources that I have found.

The digital photography websites and online photography resources on this page are ones that I have reviewed and think you might find helpful or informative.

Camera Review Websites

Digital Photography Review is a great source for in-depth camera reviews and tests. As one of the top rated photography websites on the internet it is an excellent source if you are looking for in-depth reviews of the latest camera equipment.

dp review

Digital Photography Forums

Fred Miranda Forums are a great source of inspiration for any photographer because of all the really great photos regularly posted there. His forums are laid out by subject matter such as nature & wildlife, landscape, sports, etc. You will find a lot of great photos and good information being shared on these forums.

fred miranda forums

Digital Photography Review Forums are some of my favorite photography forums on the web. They have a wide variety of forums to choose from and you will find many helpful and encouraging photographers there discussing all things about photography.

dp review


Photography Directories

This section of Best Photography Websites highlights some good photography directories. Photography directories can be a good source of information about all things related to photography. One of the advantages of searching a photography directory over doing a general internet search is that these specialty directories only contain links to photography related websites. Because those links have normally been reviewed for content by the directory prior to inclusion the result is usually higher value websites being returned for your search terms. Also you can find some of the smaller or newer photography websites using a directory that might not have been easily found using Google or some other internet search engine.

Directory of photography and professional photographers. is a photography directory and search engine. If you are looking for a quick and easy way of finding some of the best photography websites available check out this great directory.



Photography And The Law is the website of Photographer and Attorney Carolyn E. Wright and is a great source of information for photographers. Here you will find blog posts concerning matters related to photography and law as well as links to additional information on copyrights, etc. Ms. Wright is the author of the "Photographer's Legal Guide" which is available as either a paperback or a E-Book. Understanding the photographers legal rights is becoming increasingly more important and is a must for any professional photographer.


Photography Tips and Techniques

This section of Best Photography Websites will highlight some other websites that offer photography tips, techniques, etc. I include links to these websites because they focus on different niches of photography or because I feel they will benefit my visitors. is an excellent resource if you are interested in creating a book to display your photos. It offers tips and ideas to help you create a photo book as well as providing in depth reviews of the many different photo book publishers so you can make an informed decision as to what type of photo memory book to have printed as well as where to have it printed.

make your own photobook is the website of photographer Jim Harmer. Jim is a talented photographer who has written several affordable E-Books on different photography subjects as well as produced a number of helpful photography videos. I first became aware of Jim's work after discovering one of his videos on YouTube which I featured on my Digital Photography Video page. I have also featured some of Jim's E-books as well because I believe they offer a great value to photographers.

improve photography website

Some of Jim's E-books include:

Improve Your Photography: How Budding Photographers Can Get Pro Results

Improve Your Night Photography

Improve Your Landscape Photography

Improve Your Wildlife Photography

Photoshop Tutorials and Training is a great website for information about image editing using a graphics tablet and pen, such as those made by Wacom, Bamboo or Intuos. In addition to information on buying and using a graphic tablet this website is full of good digital editing tips and tutorials. It has some great tutorials for several different programs including Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Paint Shop Pro and Painter Essentials.

graphics tablets


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