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Capturing Life's Memories Volume 5

Quick Travel Photography Tips for Springtime Travel!

Flower1May is already upon us and spring is right around the corner. For those of us who live in areas that experience all four seasons, the warmer days of spring and even summer can be great motivation to get out and do some sightseeing.

Whether it is a summer vacation or just a day trip to some scenic area close to home the warmer days ahead offer us some great opportunities for travel and sightseeing trips.

In this month’s issue of Capturing Life’s Memories we will cover some basic travel photography tips to keep in mind on your next vacation or trip.

Here Are Some Quick Travel Photography Tips

1. Start early in the morning. This not only allows you to take advantage of the early morning Golden Hour but it also can help you avoid crowds at popular tourist spots.

2. If you are new to that area check out postcards and travel magazines so you are familiar with some of the top photo spots around you. Postcards and travel magazines are also useful to show you different angles or perspectives to take pictures from.

3. Look for those photos that capture the ambiance of the place being visited. That might include photos of unique storefronts, a farmers market or some other type of open air market place. It can also include pictures of that quaint restaurant with the unique decorations appetizing food, or great scenic view.

4. Get permission to photograph local people when in unique settings. Ask permission to get the shopkeeper in his shop or a street vendor on the corner. Capture the faces and expressions of the people and places you visit.

5. Take advantage of being able to photograph subjects or activities you would not be able to at home. For example if you are vacationing at a beach or lake try to get photos of some of the watersports such as surfing or skiing.

6. Look for opportunities to photograph some of the local wildlife.

7. Don’t put your camera away at dark. Capture the sunsets if possible. At twilight and after dark look for those interesting signs, busy streets and other shots. Take pictures of interesting and historical buildings that are brightly lit up by floodlights, etc.

8. Take “stock” type pictures. By this I mean take pictures like you might see in a magazine or on a webpage. This could include pictures of the meal at a high end restaurant or local cafe. Or it might be taking photos of the different textures, etc. and other everyday objects that can complement your family and scenic pictures and help bring back all the memories of your vacation or trip.

I hope you enjoy these quick travel photography tips. Even if you are staying close to home or just going through your day to day activities you can still use some of these tips to help stimulate your creative genius and capture some great photos right in your backyard or neighborhood.

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