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Unleash Your Creative Genius…Or How to Find Cool Photographs in Overlooked Places!

As a photographer we can easily pass up great chances to take cool and creative photographs because we overlook so many photographic opportunities around us.

Often I find myself so intent on photographing my main subject, whether that is a baseball game, some scenic vista, an approaching storm, my kids, etc., that I overlook those unusual and interesting photo opportunities that are around all of us almost every day.

You might be thinking…what interesting photo opportunities? We live and work in a wonderful world full of interesting textures, fascinating details, and spectacular colors.

texture exampleAll of which can make for some dramatic and interesting photos if we will take the time to look for them and slow down long enough to really explore the world we live in.

Many of the conceptual or creative photos that can be captured of these types of subjects have potential to make us money in the stock photography market, or simply be a great picture to add to our portfolio, or as a conversation starter.

Even if you are not really “into” that type of abstract or conceptual photography, spending some time finding and photographing these overlooked subjects can be a great way of developing your photographic skills and help develop your “eye” for a great photograph of the things you love to take pictures of.

Here are few quick tips for unleashing your creative genius and finding those cool photographs in overlooked places.

wormy treeGetting a cool image out of the everyday things that surrounds us begins with training our eye to look for images in areas others overlook.

Once you develop your eye for unusual texture and color patterns you will begin to see photographic opportunities all around you. There can be amazing potential for close-up abstract photos full of interesting colors, textures and details in places we normally overlook.

1. Look for bold or contrasting colors in a scene. Peeling paint can add dramatic texture. Zoom in for a close up shot of the details and fill your frame with the bold colors and cool textures.

2. Look closely at the details many people overlook. It might be a pattern or texture or some other eye-catching detail that you can zoom in on and get a cool abstract photo from. Using a macro lens will help you get closer and capture some amazing details and textures in the most mundane objects.

3. Develop an eye for textures. Different textures make for interesting conceptual and abstract photographs when shot properly. Look for the right angle to capture the texture in a way it really stands out. Side lighting will help bring out the textures and the more depth you can get the better your images will be.

4. Identify those everyday things we normally pass by that are full of photographic opportunities if we get close and look at the details. Examples include abandoned buildings, a picnic table with peeling paint, rusty autos or other items. There are simply too many possibilities to name them all. We are often surrounded by vibrant colors, interesting patterns, details and textures, all of which can make for a great photographic opportunities.

As you learn to explore the often overlooked world of abstract, texture, colors and details around you, you will also need to adjust your camera settings to produce different effects. Try shooting the same scene from multiple angles and with different f-stops to produce varying depth of field.

As the warmer weather of spring and summer approach grab your camera and start exploring the overlooked world full of fascinating textures, colors and details. It is fun way of expanding your photographic interests as well as improving your skills as a photographer.

Hope you capture many great memories this month.

Have fun and be safe!


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