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Capturing Life's Memories Volume 2

February is here and Romance is in the Air!

It’s February and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Whether you love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is a day when many people focus on romance and giving gifts to that special person in their life. Because of that it presents many different photo opportunities, whether it is taking pictures of your children and their valentine boxes, photos of your loved ones, or a romantic photo of or with that special person in your life.

This issue of Capturing Life’s Memories features some basic Valentine Day Photo Tips as well as some other photo ideas for you to consider. It also highlights a couple of outstanding product updates that have been recently announced. I hope you enjoy this month’s issue of Capturing Life’s Memories….and are able to enjoy and capture many special memories this month.

Valentine Day Photo Tips

• Be sure and watch the background in your scene. Avoid distracting backgrounds that will take the focus away from your subject.

• It you are taking pictures of people try to capture those “real life” moments. While posed photos are good…be ready to capture candid shots as well…sometimes the unexpected spontaneous moment makes for the best picture of all.

• Do some creative editing in your favorite photo editing software. Effects like a “soft focus” effect or a theme related border can help create a romantic, whimsical or enchanting mood to your Valentine Day photos. Check out free online photo editors like Picnik for some creative and fun ways of adding theme related content or effects to your photos

• Use Valentine Day related props. Props are especially great when taking photos of children. There are many different Valentine Day related items that can be used in your photo. Have fun and capture the spirit of Valentine’s Day.

• When photographing kids get down to their level. Try different angles to find the best one to take their picture from.

• Zoom in for close-ups. Capture the emotions of the day…that special smile, the joy of receiving a special gift, etc.

• Another creative editing effect that can be very powerful on Valentine Day photos is selective or spot color editing. This is where you have most of the picture be black and white and then have one area or one color that is rendered in color. With the bright reds associated with Valentine Day using selective color editing can make for some great photos.

• Use natural lighting when possible. Natural lighting can help create a more “romantic mode” than the brighter light of a flash.

• Avoid using flash when taking an outdoor portrait at night. Many cameras have special modes for low light portraits. Using that mode or adjusting your settings can help keep the background from being completely “blacked out” and when used correctly will make for a better looking picture.

• Silhouette photos can be powerful ways of capturing a romantic mood and are easy to take.

• Capture the memories of your Valentine Day celebration by taking photos of the different moments or aspects of the day. Include the gift from your loved one, the table setting of a romantic candle lit table, a beautiful sunset that was shared, etc.

Additional Photo Ideas

February presents some great opportunities for photographers to focus on taking “stock” photos as there are many different themes or subjects one can capture that could be sold on one of the many stock photography sites,

With all the bright colors, flowers, and Valentine Day products available you have many opportunities to experiment with different types of product photography and depending upon your location it might even be a good time to go out and do some street photography…capturing those special moments and scenes that could become the background for the next bestselling greeting card.

In addition to Valentine Day photos, there are many other opportunities this month for you to get out and take photos. If you live in a colder climate venture out to the local sledding hill, ice skating area, etc. and capture some great seasonal photos of people enjoying winter.

Hot Products

Anthropics Technology has released the latest version of Portrait Professional. This is an outstanding software program that does an amazing job of quickly and easily doing professional retouching of portraits. If you are someone who takes a lot of portraits…this is a must have piece of digital editing software. It quickly allows you to get rid of skin imperfections, reduce wrinkles, and make special adjustments to all aspects of a person’s face. Version 10 offers several improved features and is currently on sale. Download a free trial copy yourself and see how this amazing software program can quickly improve your portraits.

You can find more details on Portrait Professional V 10 here….

Topaz Labs also announced an upgrade to ReMask 3 its popular masking plug-in for Adobe Photoshop.

This is a free upgrade for existing ReMask 3.0 customers and includes many new features as requested by users:

1. Increased speed and quality in foreground recovery processing - now twice as fast!

2. Improved Magic brush performance.

3. New menu items to save and load trimap and mask, allowing users to save and re-start partial results.

4. And much more...

For anyone not familiar with Topaz Labs products they make some of the best Photoshop Plugins available. All of which are available as fully functional trial downloads so you can check them out before you buy.

Topaz ReMask 3 is considered by many as one of the most effective and easy ways to extract complex objects, such as hair and wedding veils. It also greatly simplifies some common photography and design tasks, such as background replacement and selective adjustments.

You can find more details on Topaz ReMask 3.1 here….

Special Deals

Several companies are featuring special Valentine Day Sales this month. Here are few of the better ones I wanted to pass along to you. is offering $5.00 off any magazine subscription this month as part of its Valentine Day promotion. This is a great opportunity to buy a magazine subscription for that special photographer in your life...or treat yourself to anyone of the many great magazines they offer for a highly reduced price., Inc.

PhotoWorks is offering 20% off any order. They feature a number of great photo gift ideas as well as all types of photo prints. Take advantage of this special sale and order some prints or photo gifts featuring your favorite photos.

If you have ever wanted to try your hand at green screen photography now is a great time to get started. Green Screen Wizard has announced a special sale this month. Check it out here:

Green Screen Wizard Valentine's Day Special is a complete getting started package with software, green screen, and 120 backgrounds! Special price is just $79.95 ($184 if purchased separately). Learn more now!

Hope you enjoyed this month’s Capturing Life’s Memories….


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