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Easy Canvas Prints...The Simple Way to Turn Your Photo Into a Work of Art.

Printing photos on canvas is a great way of display your favorite photos.

Photographers today have many choices when it comes to turning your favorite photo into a beautiful ready to hang, gallery wrapped canvas print.

With the right printer and supplies you can print your own photos on canvas at home. However there is also a much easier solution and that is to order a already stretched canvas print from one of the many photo labs that offer that type of product.

As with any printing project choosing the right company to print your photo can make a big difference. In this review we will look at, a company that specializes in turning your photos into a ready to hang work of art.

Easy Canvas three simple steps.

With a name like "Easy Canvas Prints" you would think that having your photo printed on canvas would be a simple, straightforward process and that is exactly what I found ordering my canvas print from them to be.

Step One: Choosing your photo.

The first step in creating your custom canvas print it so to choose a suitable photo. Many different types of photos work well on canvas however the texture and look of a canvas print should be taken into consideration when choosing what photo to have printed. Landscapes, portraits of people and many other subject matters work very well when printed on canvas.

For my canvas print I chose a landscape picture of Sprague Lake located in Rocky Mountain National Park. I had taken the picture a few years before on a trip to Colorado and thought that it would look good printed on canvas.

Sprague Lake Colorado

There are two important things to keep in mind when choosing and preparing to print your photo on canvas.

The first is to make sure that the image resolution meets the minimum requirement for the size of canvas print you plan on printing.

Secondly I recommend that you crop your photo to the same ratio as the size of the canvas print you want to make.

After you chosen the photo you are going to have printed on canvas go to the Easy Canvas Prints website and start the simple process of having your photo printed on a gallery wrapped canvas.

Easy Canvas Prints 1

Step Two: Choosing your canvas size and uploading your photo.

Easy Canvas Prints offers canvas prints in a variety of sizes and image ratios. I chose to have mine printed as a 12x18 canvas print since that ratio matched my photo and eliminated the need for me to crop the photo. Also the 12x18 size was a perfect fit for the space I planned on displaying my canvas print.

When selecting the size of canvas you want printed you also have the option to select the thickness of the canvas wrap. I selected the standard 3/4" wrap but you also have the option of selecting a thicker 1-1/2" wrap as well.

Easy Canvas Prints 2

Once you have uploaded your image Easy Canvas Prints shows you if the image quality is high enough for the size of canvas you have selected.

It also gives you a quick preview of your photo and allows you to easily crop the photo or select the Auto Fit option to fill the canvas if needed. Since I had selected a photo with the same image ratio as the canvas I was printing no cropping was needed in my example.

Easy Canvas Prints 3

Step 3: Choosing your edge type and ordering the photo.

The final step of turning your photo into a work of art with Easy Canvas Prints is to choose your choice of edge finish and preview the final product.

easy canvas prints 4

You have three different types of edges to choose from for your canvas print.

First is the "Mirror Image" edge where a mirror image is created giving your photo a very seamless look. this is the edge type I chose on my canvas print. It has the advantage of keeping all of your original photo viewable from the front.

Your second choice is the "Image Wrap" edge where part of the image itself is wrapped to become the side of the gallery wrap.

The third edge choice is to use a solid color edge. Their website allows you to choose a custom color to use as the edge of the canvas print.

The final part of turning your favorite photo into a canvas work of art is to choose between several color and retouching options and preview what the finished product will look like.

easy canvas prints 5

Once satisfied click on the "Add to Cart" button and complete your order.

The Bottom Line....

Easy Canvas Prints is a product that lives up to its name. Their website makes it very easy to take your photo and turn it into a work of art printed on canvas and ready to hang on your wall.

Finished Easy Canvas Print

From start to finish I found that ordering a canvas print from Easy Canvas Prints to be an outstanding experience. My canvas print arrived at my home well packaged in a reasonable time frame and the finished product is a high quality, gallery wrapped canvas print.

Finished Easy Canvas Print 2

I would give the Easy Canvas Print my highest Five "Camera" rating!

5 Camera Rating

It is a product that I would highly recommend.

Click here to turn your own photos into a work of art with Easy Canvas Prints simple photos to canvas printing service.

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