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Vacation Photography Tips

Here are some vacation photography tips that will help you bring back memories of that special vacation that are worth framing or sharing with others.

Vacation Photography Tip 11--It begins with your camera. Getting good vacation photos begins with making sure you have the right type of camera and the right equipment with you for the type of pictures you will be taking on your vacation. For most vacations that means that your camera needs to be small enough that you will have it with you yet versatile enough to capture a wide a variety of subjects. Depending on what your needs are one of the high zoom cameras might be a good alternative to a DSLR with an assortment of lenses. Choosing the right camera is important but no matter what camera you have you can still capture some great vacation images.

2--Packing the right equipment. Another vacation photography tip is to be sure that you have a big enough memory card or enough memory cards to hold the amount of pictures you will likely take. You do not want to run out of memory for your camera half or three quarters of the way through your vacation. Another alternative is to have a laptop with you so you can download pictures to as your card gets full. Other equipment you should consider include a tripod, extra batteries, possibly some type of waterproof camera cover, etc.

3--Prepare before leaving home. If you have a new camera be sure and practice with it some before leaving on your trip. While you do not need to know all the functions of your camera you need to be familiar enough with it to avoid missing some key pictures because your settings are wrong.
Vacation Photography Tips Number 4
4--Go beyond simple posed pictures. Try to capture the action of the trip as well as the destination. Going beyond simple posed photos can help capture the fun of the trip.

5--Take advantage of the Golden Hours of light. The hours just before and after sunrise and sunset are usually the best times to get great pictures. When shooting during the harsher midday sun watch the harsh shadows and look for softer more diffused light when possible. Use the light to your advantage and don't be afraid of trying different lighting such as silhouettes, etc. to capture a unique image.

6--Include something interesting in the foreground of your landscape photos. It can be a rock, tree, statute or best of all a person but having something in the foreground can help make a landscape photo more interesting. Also having a person in the photo can help show the relative size of the main subject.

Vacation Photography Tips7--Try different angles. If time allows look for the unique angle or different viewpoint to make your photos standout from the typical vacation photos. Don't hesitate to get pictures of the locals as they interact with other tourists or members of your party.

8--Watch for those distracting background objects. Learn to watch for distracting items in the background especially along the edges of the photos. Try to avoid photos of people where it appears that something is growing out of their head. Develop an eye for the scene so these things become second nature for you and you can quickly adjust you position or angle to avoid these things.

9--Capture the mood of the trip. If the weather does not cooperate and you have cloudy, overcast or rainy weather to contend with still take photos. Look for those scenes that capture the mood of the trip or the weather.

10--Have fun, enjoy the trip and take lots of photos. Once back home be sure to go through your photos and share them with others either online, through a photo book or slide show. Put them in a format that you can easily enjoy in the years to come.