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Olympus SZ-10 Digital Camera

Olympus SZ 10The Olympus SZ-10 digital camera is a great choice for people who like the smaller size of point-and-shoot digital cameras but also want the versatility of a longer zoom range. With this new camera Olympus has managed to combine an 18X optical zoom lens into a smaller palm-size camera body.

The 18X optical zoom lens (f2.8 to f5.6) is what really sets the SZ-10 apart from other smaller point-and-shoot cameras. With a 35mm equivalent focal range of 28mm to 504mm this camera gives you a much longer focal length than you normally find in this size of digital camera.

Coupled with its small size and simple operation it makes a great camera for newer photographers or those simply wanting the additional zoom range the Olympus SZ-10 offers.

The additional zoom range of the 18X optical zoom will allow parents to zoom in for those close-ups of their children yet still have the ability to capture larger group shots at the wide angle setting.

14 Megapixels, 18x Zoom Lens and so much more...

olympus sx 10 backIn order to help avoid motion blur when at the longer focal lengths or in lower light settings, the Olympus SZ-10 uses a dual image stabilization system. This type of image stabilization combines Mechanical Sensor Shift Image Stabilization with Digital Image Stabilization. This provides a very effective image stabilization system that helps you avoid blur caused by camera shake.

The Olympus SZ-10 uses a 14 megapixel CCD image sensor and Olympus’s patented TruePic III Image Processor. The TruePic III Image Processor was originally developed for their professional DSLR’s, but Olympus has incorporated it into this new camera in order to deliver true-to-life color, sharper pictures and less noise. Combined with the normal array of features such as face detection, panoramic mode and intelligent scene detection the SZ-10 offers a lot in a small affordable package.

Other key features of the camera include:

  • A 3 inch LCD display with 460,000 pixels of resolution to make it easy to compose and view photos.
  • A dedicated movie record button making it easy to shoot 1280 x 720 movies.
  • Eight Magic Filters that allow you to quickly create special effects such as Pop, Pin Hole, Fisheye, Sketch, SoftFocus, Punk, Watercolor, and Sparkle. Each of these special effect filters can help bring out the creative artist in you.
  • 3D Shooting Function allows you to take 3D type pictures to play back on your favorite 3D TV.
  • Pet Mode. Designed for animal lovers, this special mode will quickly detect your pets face and automatically focus on it. It is able to detect up to 10 faces of different pets.
  • Auto Release. This feature allows you to set the camera to automatically take the picture the moment your dog or cat turns to face the camera. It is designed to help you capture those funny facial expressions that are easy to miss.
  • Shadow Adjustment Technology that compensates for extreme contrast in photos and helps avoid shadow areas from being under exposed and lacking in detail.
  • Beauty Mode allows you to smooth out unwanted wrinkles or blemishes on skin making for better portraits. In addition you can use the Beauty Fix editing feature to brighten the eyes and make other adjusts to help improve portraits taken with the Olympus SZ-10.

In Conclusion

olympus sz 10 topBecause of its compact size and longer focal range the new Olympus SZ-10 is a great “pocket-sized” camera for travel and sporting events. It gives you a much wider focal range than most point-and-shoot cameras in a small and easy to carry size. The 18x zoom lens and the small size make this camera a perfect traveling companion…allowing you more versatility without the added bulk of larger super zoom cameras.

Some of the drawbacks of this camera are the lack of any type of viewfinder as well as the lack of manual control settings and advanced shooting modes such as shutter priority or aperture priority. But for people who rarely use those modes or even the advanced photographer looking for a small, easy to carry and simple to use camera the Olympus SZ-10 is worth serious consideration.

Olympus SZ-10 Videos


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